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Hi friends,

I have made a wordpress themes, this wordpress themes is my first themes and called BlueSea  and it’s now have a version 1.0.3, there are many features on this wordpress themes and you can customize at the MahjonK themes options. Let us see what are the features is available in this BlueSea theme:

  1.  The interface of this BlueSea  themes:

    Picture1.1 BlueSea Themes.

  2. This is an interface of a simple beautiful BlueSea themes, because simple is beautiful, consisting of black and blue for the main color.
  3. The interface of the theme options:

    Picture1.2 MahjonK Theme Options.

    In the theme options menu, there are several functions, it’s:

  • The code to insert ads where you can put it in four different places, consisting of: Sidebar code Up Ads, Ads code Middle Sidebar, Sidebar code Down Ads and Content Ads code.
  • The Link, where you can insert an url link to your  facebook and twitter,for example : Facebook Page eg,

Picture1.3 Links in Theme Options.

  • Miscellaneous , which is composed of parts to input meta description, meta keywords or insert track code to your website.

3.  Sections go on top.

In this section you can press the button go on top and with easy the page will go to the top of the page, it is helpful for you and allow a user to return to the menu page.

Picture1.4 Go On Top Options.

4. Widget Ready

In this section you can easily optimize the sidebar to add in the widget sidebar configuration where you have to configure the right sidebar.

Picture1.5 Widget Sidebar.

This BlueSea themes has been tested in Opera, safari and firefox for support a minimum resolution of 1024 × 768.

At last :

I hope you can enjoy and happy using my theme.
Any suggestions or questions, do not hesitate to contact me.
And I appreciate if you keep the credit link at the bottom of the footer themes.

All and Thank You.


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